Benefits for AOS members

Through your AOS-membership, you will contribute to the establishment of Occupational science in Austria and you also benefit from the advantages for AOS-members.

Your advantages as an AOS member in the respective departments are:

⭐ AOS Presidium

You would like to contribute your ideas for the promotion and establishment of Occupational science in Austria and be an active part of AOS?

The AOS Presidium coordinates which AOS tasks and activities can be taken over by members – of course always taking your specific competences and interests into account.

⭐ AOS Media Department

As an AOS member you will receive from the media department:

  • Exciting posts on Occupational Science related to current issues on the social media platforms.
  • Information about upcoming events – some of them you can attend exclusively as a member (e.g., biannual member meeting).
  • Free delivery of our articles, which are published quarterly in the professional journal of Ergotherapie Austria.
⭐ AOS Secretary

The secretary is responsible for the information transfer of members and offers the possibility that you send us your topics, which you would like to share with other AOS members.

⭐ AOS Finance Department

The Finance department supports you as a member in questions regarding financial issues in connection with the membership of AOS.

⭐ AOS Department “Young Researchers Department “

Attention young researchers!

Members of AOS benefit from these AOS department by:

  • the access to projects such as O’Science Career Check and OST-Pool.
  • the network of young researchers and researchers in the field of Occupational sciences.
  • the insight into the young researchers’ career paths.
  • the exchange with Occupational scientist on OS research topics and on OS research careers.
  • the advice on career opportunities in the Occupational science.
  • the mediation of potential cooperation partners or cooperation in concrete research projects.
⭐ AOS Department “Internationalization“

You would like to learn more about Occupational Science outside of Austria? As an AOS member:

  • you will receive information about occupational science topics on a national and international level.
  • you can help to promote the Austrian Occupational Science beyond its borders through your contributions.
⭐ AOS-Event Department

As an AOS member, you can participate in exclusive events, such as the annual O’Science Day. You will receive specific inputs on occupational science from (inter)national experts and have the opportunity to expand your personal network and become part of this community.