Board (FH) Mona Dür, PhD, MSc 📧President

Mona Dür is founder and CEO of Duervation GmbH and educational staff of the European Master Degree Programme of Science of Occupational Therapy at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and an active member of the research committee of Occupational Science Europe.

Julia Unger, MSc, BSc  📧 
Deputy President

Julia Unger is head of the FH JOANNEUM bachelor’s degree program in occupational therapy and co-editor of the peer-reviewed occupational therapy journal ergoscience.


Magdalena Nieder, MSc  📧
Writing leadership

Magdalena Nieder is an occupational therapist in the field of neurology and currently on parental leave. She has completed the master’s program Advanced Integrative Health Studies at the FH Campus Wien.

Thomas Morgenthaler, MSc, BSc 📧
Deputy Writing leadership

Thomas Morgenthaler, MScOT is a PhD student in the P4Play a European Joint Doctorates program in Occupational Science funded under Marie Sklowdowska-Curie grant agreement No 861257, where he is researching environmental qualities in outdoor play spaces. He is the co-project lead in the Austrian school-based occupational therapy project group and part of the school based international network.

Karin Lettner-Hauser, MHPE  📧
Financial Officer

Karin Lettner-Hauser is a member of the teaching and research staff of the FH Gesundheitsberufe OÖ at the bachelor program Occupational Therapy with focus on pediatrics. 

Miriam Berger, MSc  📧 
Deputy Financial Officer

Miriam Berger works as an occupational therapist in a neurological rehabilitation clinic since 2015 and completed her master’s degree in Neurorehabilitation in April 2020.

Katrin Pechstädt, MSc  📧
Media Officer

Katrin Pechstädt is a lecturer and researcher at FH JOANNEUM in Styria, Austria, with a research focus on inclusion.

Magdalena Schlögl, BSc  📧 
Deputy Media Officer

Magdalena Schlögl works as an occupational therapist with people with psychosocial difficulties and as lecturer and researcher at the health university of applied science tyrol. She is currently completing the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science at the health university of applied science tyrol.

Mag.a Katharina Fechner, BSc  📧
Member of the board of Ergotherapie Austria

Katharina Fechner is an occupational therapist in child and adolescent psychiatry, as well as a board member of Ergotherapie Austria (media and public relations).