AOS-Event Department

The AOS-Event Department is responsible for planning and implementing events for the Occupational Science Society.  It is the contact point for the planning, implementation and follow-up of events for the company.
Together with the persons responsible for event hosts, the AOS- Event Department is responsible for the planning and implementation of events.

The aims of the AOS-Event Department for the first term (2021-2023) are:

  • to develop an annual cycle of events.
  • to develop and implement association-specific events for AOS members and for non-members with the aim of,
  • to strengthen understanding of the relationship between occupation, health, and wellbeing within the events,
  • to sensitize occupational therapists and occupational scientists on an (inter-)national level regarding occupational science topics (e.g. occupational justice, occupational balance, occupational disruption, …).

Following tasks are part of the AOS-Event Department:

  • Development of an event plan for AOS based on the annual cycle.
  • Compliance with requirements and regulations that apply to the implementation of events for associations.
  • Planning, organizing, and following up the society events in consultation with all board members.
  • Preparing presentations needed for events and facilitating at events.

Benefits for AOS members:

As an AOS member you are able to attend different events (e.g. the online members meeting) with specific inputs on occupational science with the purpose to build your personal network to (inter)national Occupational scientists and to become part of this community.