AOS finance department

The focus of the finance department is to be a contact point for all financial matters – for the board and the members as well as for all payment transactions – and to keep the financial overview.

Tasks of the AOS finance department:

  • Creation of an annual budget plan by AOS for the current and the coming association year
  • Cost control including control of the existing budget
  • Preparation of a financial report for the past year of the association
  • Documentation and auditing of all income and expenses of the company
  • Deposit of AOS costs

The goals of the AOS finance department for the 2023-2025 term of office are:

  • ensuring the liquidity of AOS
  • a financial transparency
  • to be a point of contact for all money matters
  • administer the membership fees and payment transactions

Benefits from an AOS membership in this department:
Support with questions regarding financial issues in connection with membership in AOS