Department “Internationalization”

The department “Internationalization” establishs contact with other Occupational Science associations, working groups or person in Occupational Science in the German speaking and other foreign language speaking countries. This department tries to extend cooperation and informs theses parties on developments and event relating to Occupational Science in Austria. The “Internationalization” works together with the President and Vice President as well as with the AOS Media Department.

The aims of the department “Internationalization” for the first term (2021-2023) are:

  • to establish cooperation with societies and people in the field of Occupational Science within the German speaking regions.
  • to inform about relevant associations and persons about AOS activities outside of the German speaking regions.

Benefits for AOS members:

AOS establishes cooperation with international associations, researchers, and practitioners. AOS members benefit as they will be informed about international events and happenings.
The department “Internationalization” hopes to recruit international speaker and experts in the field of Occupational Science for events such the O´Science day. Therefore, members will have the benefit to get in contact with and connected to international experts in occupational science.