Media Department

The AOS-Media Department creates posts regarding Occupational Science related to current issues and shares them on the various social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) as well as the AOS homepage. These posts support the understanding about the connection between occupation, health and well-being. Occupational therapists and Occupational scientists are thereby sensitized on an (inter)national level to Occupational science topics, such as occupational justice, occupational balance, occupational disruption. From 2021 to 2023 (first term of office), the AOS-Media Department will focus on an exchange of information and ideas between occupational scientists, especially occupational therapists, and members of the related sciences in Austria with the aim of community building.

The aims of the AOS-Media Department for the first period (2021-2023) are:

  • to create understanding about the connection between occupations, health, and well-being through posts on social media platforms and the AOS-homepage.
  • to raise awareness among Occupational therapists and Occupational scientists on an (inter)national level regarding occupational science topics, such as Occupational justice, Occupational balance, Occupational disruption, … .
  • to enable an exchange of information and ideas on OS-relevant topics between Occupational scientists, especially Occupational therapists and members of the related sciences, via social media.
  • to ensure communication with AOS members and OS interested people via social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • to promote actions (events, information offers, …) of all other AOS departments.

Following tasks are part of the AOS-Media Department:

  • Creation of a media strategy per quarter
  • Selection of OS-relevant topics and content for media preparation
  • Creation and publication of articles and graphics on various (social) media plattforms
  • Cooperation with all other AOS departments in order to promote actions of other departments and to support them in the creation of their contributions.

Benefits for AOS members:

AOS membership allows you to follow Occupational Science posts related to current issues on social media platforms and subscribe to our AOS social media accounts as well as to be an exclusive participant in special events (such as the semiannual membership meeting).
You will always be informed about upcoming events by the AOS-Media Department and get access to our member area on the AOS homepage. As an AOS member, you can also receive our quarterly articles on request for free of charge, which are published in the professional journal of Ergotherapie Austria.