The AOS Presidium considers how ideas for Occupational Science activities, initiatives or projects can be taken up and implemented throughout Austria in line with the AOS strategy. Together with the idea providers, they consider how the ideas can be brought to life with the OS community. At the same time, the Presidium coordinates which AOS tasks and activities can be taken over by members – of course always considering their specific competences and interests.

The aim of the AOS Presidium for the first term (2021-2023) is:

  • to realise the idea of AOS and build up the association. In this context, the Presidium ensures the content-related and strategic orientation and represents the interests of AOS.

Following tasks are part of the AOS Presidium:

  • Management of AOS and steering of selected activities according to the strategy.
  • Further development of the association and communication with other occupational science associations.
  • Representation of occupational science expertise to stakeholders.
  • Coordination of the activities of individual departments.

Benefits for AOS members:

Members are encouraged to share their ideas for activities, initiatives, or projects, and the AOS Presidium will consider how we can implement these ideas appropriately in our AOS strategy.

If you are interested in becoming a member and to actively engaging in AOS activities, inform the AOS Presidium and they will collaboratively allocate AOS tasks and activities you can take on according to your interests and competences. In the case of enquiries to AOS, the AOS Presidium coordinates the response or, if necessary, connects you with relevant experts.