AOS Presidium

The Executive Committee of AOS takes up scientific activities, initiatives or projects and considers how these can be implemented throughout Austria in line with the AOS strategy. At the same time, the Executive Committee coordinates which tasks and activities can be taken on by AOS members – of course always taking into account their specific skills and interests.

Tasks of the AOS Executive Committee:

  • Management of AOS and the control of selected activities according to the strategy
  • Further development of the company and communication with other OS companies
  • Representation of occupational science expertise to stakeholders
  • Coordination of the activities of the individual departments

The aim of the AOS Executive Committee for the 2023-2025 term of office is:

to realize the idea of AOS and build the society. The executive committee takes care of the content and strategic orientation and the representation of interests to the outside world.

Benefits from an AOS membership in this department:
-> If there are ideas for activities, initiatives or projects, you as a member can bring them to us and we will consider how we can appropriately implement these ideas in our AOS strategy.
-> If you are interested in membership with active involvement and commitment to OS, then we will coordinate which AOS tasks and activities you can take on with your interests and skills.
-> In the case of inquiries to AOS, we coordinate the response or connect you with relevant experts if necessary.