AOS department Secretary

The department is responsible for the written matters of the AOS, such as the documentation of internal meetings or the forwarding of information, various announcements and invitations. This department is also the first point of contact for the concerns of AOS members and forwards them to the responsible AOS department.

Tasks of the AOS “Secretary” department:

  • Drafting minutes of monthly board meetings
  • Preparation of agendas for the monthly board meetings
  • Drafting the minutes of the Annual General Meeting
  • Sending out invitations (e.g. to AOS events)
  • Management of registrations for AOS events
  • Creation and sending of the AOS newsletter to the members
  • Management of the membership directory
  • Management of the inbox of the office address
  • Administration of Microsoft Business: OneDrive and MS Teams

The goals of the AOS “Secretary” department for the 2023-2025 term of office are:

  • To be available as the first point of contact via the office for interested parties
  • ensuring documentation of all AOS meetings and events
  • Reference to any deadlines and the demand for compliance with these requirements within the AOS board.
  • To inform the members about the current activities and events of AOS in the form of regular newsletters.

Benefits from an AOS membership in this department:
-> First point of contact for AOS members and their concerns. We will be happy to forward this to the responsible AOS department!
-> Regular AOS newsletter with information on the current activities and events of AOS
-> Passing on information, such as the forwarding of information, various tenders and invitations to all AOS members
-> Documentation of (company-internal) meetings, assemblies and votes
-> Availability of relevant documents and essential information for the further establishment of Austrian occupational science