The secretary is responsible for the written matters of AOS, such as the documentation of internal meetings or the forwarding of information, various announcements, and invitations. Additionally, the secretary is the first point of contact for AOS-members’ concerns and will forward them to the responsible AOS department.

The aims of the secretary in the first term (2021-2023) are:

  • to ensure consistency of documentation.
  • to be the First Contact point for members and people who are interested in AOS.
  • to keep track and remining on upcoming deadlines.

Following tasks are part of the secretary:

  • Storage of information and the dissemination of information, such as the forwarding of information, various announcements and invitations, as well as the documentation of important events within the association (e.g. general meetings, elections). 
  • Preparation of agenda for monthly board meetings.
  • Administrative tasks like the registration of AOS events.
  • Management of membership directory.
  • Management of AOS Email account.
  • Administration of Microsoft Business such as OneDrive and MS Teams.

Benefits for AOS members:

Thanks to the secretary, essential information about the development of Austrian Occupational Science and relevant documents are ensured for AOS members.
The secretary is also the contact point for AOS members and their concerns. They are happy to forward them to the relevant department of the AOS.