Young Researchers Department 

A handful of passionate researchers have come together and want to promote and support those members who aspire to a career in occupational science.

Tasks of the AOS young researchers department:

  • Information for interested people about the opportunities for scientific careers in O’Science
  • Support in the initiation of scientific careers for O’Science young researchers
  • Contribution to (further) qualification opportunities for O’Science young researchers
  • Contribution to the national and international networking of O’Science young researchers
  • Unit-related coordination with relevant educational institutions
  • Support in creating framework conditions conducive to OS for young researchers

The goals of the AOS young researchers department for the 2023-2025 term of office are:

  • The promotion of young scientists in occupational science
  • The promotion of framework conditions that enable young researchers to pursue careers in the occupational sciences

Benefits from an AOS membership in this department:
-> Access to projects such as: O’Science Career Check and OST Pool
-> Network of sponsors of young researchers and researchers in the occupational sciences
-> Insight into the young researchers: inner career paths
-> Exchange with occupational scientists on OS research topics and OS research careers
-> Advice on career opportunities in the occupational sciences
-> Occupational science topic pool for academic theses
-> Placement of potential cooperation partners or cooperation in specific research projects