Young Researchers Department 

A handful of passionate researchers have found each other and want to promote and empower those members who aspire to a career in O’Science. 

The aims of the AOS Young Researchers Department for the first term (2021-2023) are:

  • to promote of young researchers in OS.
  • to promote conditions that enable young researchers to pursue OS careers.

Following tasks are part of the AOS Young Researchers Department:

  • Provision from information to interested persons about opportunities for OS careers.
  • Support from scientific careers of OS young researchers.
  • Contribution to (further) qualification opportunities for OS young researchers.
  • Contribution to the national and international networking of OS young researchers.
  • Unit-related coordination with relevant educational institutions.
  • Support of the creation of an OS-friendly environment for young researchers.

Benefits for AOS members:

Thanks to the Young Researchers Department, as an AOS member you have access to projects such as OS Career Check and OST-Pool and to networks of supporters of OS young and other researchers. You will get insights into the career paths of young researchers and can exchange ideas with OS researchers about OS research topics and OS research careers.
As an AOS member, you can also bring relevant OS research topics to the research department and get advice on OS career opportunities. The Young Researchers Department has also created a topic pool for academic theses in OS and supports you in finding potential collaboration partners or in collaborating on specific research projects.